(Above) ALPHABET(1977), Amanda Lear.

This is the first installment in New Obsessive's regular new feature entitled my alphabet. Taking inspiration from Amanda Lear's seminal song Alphabet(1977): New Obsessive has commissioned a series of indispensable alphabetic dedications compiled by expert obsessives from around the world and across the cultural spectrum. Our first alphabet takes high culture as its theme and has been furnished by Dr Francis Moulinat a French academic educated at the Sorbonne in Paris. Moulinat's alphabet is proscribed reading, listening and viewing and should be learned off by heart immediately.

A for the bright Apollo
B like Pina Bausch and Maurice BĂ©jart
C like Correggio
D like Marcel Duchamp
E for Umberto Eco
F like Firenze
G for Greco
H for Heraclitus
I like Imhotep
J for Carl Gustav Jung
K for Keats (A thing of beauty is a joy for ever)
L like Louise (Louise Bourgeois) rather than Leonardo da Vinci
M for Michelangelo, Monteverdi, Malevich
N like Nietszche
O for Odyssey by Homerus
P like Botticelli's Primavera
Q stands for Enguerrand Quarton
R for the Rite of the Spring by Stravinsky and Ninjinski
S like Sinan, the architect
T for Titian
U like Paolo Ucello
V like Victory of Samothrace and Vermeer may be
W for Ludwig Wittgenstein
X like Yannis Xenakis (What else?)
Y for Iseult
Z like Zeuxis

Piece commissioned by Gary Farrelly, Neustern.
Alphabet compiled by Francis Moulinat, Paris.

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