(Above)Peggy Clydesdale/ White Trash Art, INTERVIEW WITH A B-52(2012), courtesy of the artist.

White Trash Peg poses three questions to Cindy Wilson of The B-52's. They meet after a concert by the group in Athens, Georgia where they formed over three decades ago. Can White Trash Peg find out everything we need to know about the weird and wonderful B-52's in just three questions?

White Trash Peg: What brand of hairspray do you prefer?
Cindy Wilson: Non aerosol preferably.

WTP: Grits or hash browns?
CW: Grits! Of course! With cheese and jalapenos.

WTP: As a world traveler, can you identify any similarities between Athens, Georgia and Athens, Greece?
CW: They are both hot with beautiful people and I could definitely live there.

Conducted by White Trash Peg with Cindy Wilson at Club Max, Athens, GA on Friday 10th February, 2012.

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