(Above) Gary Farrelly, GUN OWNERSHIP IN NEUSTERN(2011), Galerie Modonov.
(Above) Gary Farrelly, GUN DEATHS IN NEUSTERN(2011), Galerie Modonov.

The level of domestic gun ownership in Neustern has risen to it’s highest level since the foundation of the state in 1983. 81% of Neusterners eligible to own guns now do so. Under the free militia clause, the constitution promotes domestic gun ownership as a guarantee against abuse of power and the rise of tyrannical government. At the time of the foundation of the country, just 25% of age eligible citizens owned serviceable firearms. 1983 was the year that Neustern saw it’s highest level of violent and gun related fatalities. 27 deaths by shooting were recorded in the autonomous coastal city state of Neustern in 1983. 2011 has seen violent gun deaths drop to their lowest level ever with just 5 recorded gun deaths in the first 10 months of the year. 4 of the recorded 5 deaths were of criminals killed while illegally entering private dwellings. Neustern is now noted to be one of the best armed societies In the world as well as being one of the lest likely places to get shot.

Gary Farrelly, Neustern.

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