(Above) GRAND HOTEL NEUSTERN, Gary Farrelly (2011)

A massive program of building and municipal beautification is underway in the autonomous coastal city state of Neustern. Dozens of private and state funded construction projects of the highest architectural quality are on track right right across the territory. The surge in construction directly employs over 70,000 Neusterners and recruited foreign nationals. The government has promised to reemploy any surplus labour in the armed forces in the event of a slow down. Some of the key erections well advanced in the building process include: Neustern libertarian university, the cathedral of Saint Sophia, the new parliament, the great hall of the people and the state run department store and discotheque. Already completed are the extension to Neustern Sullenberger international airport, the grand hotel Neustern (pictured above) and the National Comrades Party headquarters. Construction of a monument celebrating Neustern's independence and agressively guarded sovereignty commences later this month. 
Gary Farrelly, Neustern.

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