(Above) Photography of Nina Hynes by David Cleary(2011).

Songwriter/ musician Nina Hynes travels to the autonomous coastal city state of Neustern at the invitation of New Obsessive. Gary Farrelly first met Hynes this summer during recording of her upcoming album Goldmine. Instantly compelled and interested by the Berlin based artist, Farrelly was eager to question her. Said questioning took place Madame Mao's bar on Krasnodar Wharf in Central Neustern. As the interview starts Farrelly and Hynes are drinking their second bottle of Neustern Carbonate (A domestically produced Champagne substitute with subtle undertones of eau de cologne).

Gary Farrelly: How do you like Neustern do far?
Nina Hynes: I feel at home.

GF: How would you concisely describe the music you create?
NH: Therapy.

GF: I love your voice. It is very sweet and your face is lovely and sweet. Are you a very sweet girl?
NH: Thank you. I mirror you or dance with you but if you're really nasty, I build a wall and walk away.

GF My favourite song of yours from the last album is 'Fitness'. In it you sing about face lifts, euthanasia and liposuction. What's that about?
NH: Isn't it amazing that we can take the fat out of our thighs to make our lips plump? Innovative humans. Pity about the pain but worth singing about and dreaming of lean thighs and plump lips.

GF: I don’t see you as a typical singer song writer of Irish origin. You don’t conform to that stereotype. Do you agree?
NH: Agreed but most of the population do not fit the conventional singer songwriter stereotype

GF: Are you an outsider? (if so, how do you feel about that?)
NH: I'm an insider, I feel a warm glow but I may as well apply for German citizenship if Sean Gallagher becomes president.

GF: Your partner Fabien Leseure and yourself are working very closely on your next album 'Goldmine'. Is it a democratic collaboration or does Nina wear the trousers in the project?and how does this effect you relationship?
NH: I wear a dress to keep the peace, he's French, you know. There is no democracy here but I try to mask the dictatorship in charm and sweetness. It might be the death of one of us but we make a good Government.

GF: How does Goldmine differ from previous output?
NH: Goldmine rests further in the future than my previous output. It's musically a new road for me and represents my freedom from my old sabotaging subconscious beliefs.

GF: There is a lot of excitement surrounding this project. How do you plan to make Goldmine a global Success?(Ie.Bring it to the Greater Public).
NH: I plan to surround it in love and to get it in to the hands of powerful people.

GF: Do you believe in God?
NH: Yes.

GF: Are you political?
NH: It depends on the subject matter.

GF: You have a three year old daughter Caia-a very beautiful and charismatic little girl. How do you find motherhood?Is it hard to find time to work?
NH: Caia was a gift for all the good I've ever wished for or done. She keeps me present and reminds me to focus better to create the future. She is some kind of angel and work gets done precisely because time is tighter.

GF: Best case Scenario:Where is Nina Hynes in 5 years?
NH: Living with family in our magical community creating and feeling healthy and prosperous, maybe in a certain park in Neustern growing vegetables, drinking Neustern carbonated and pressing vinyl.

GF: Worst case Scenario is a FEMA camp, right?
NH: A FEMA camp with no limbs and my tongue cut out , oh and not knowing the whereabouts of loved ones.

GF: There are streets, parks and squares named after you here in Neustern-how did that come about?
NH: A mutual love and appreciation. An understanding of the significance of meeting fellow Humans to whom we can relate.

GF: 3x Things you find wonderful?
NH: Understanding, appreciation, friends.

GF: 3x things you find profoundly negative?
NH: Greed. Cruelty. Shame.

GF: 3x Things that make you feel bliss?
NH: Communion with others, inner sanctity, music.

GF: You made your album at Pickering Forest:How was that?
NH: Recording at Pickering came as an unprecedented honour and surprise. The atmosphere surrounding the work was eccentric, free, creative with feeling emotion and generosity. I am extremely grateful for the experience to record in such an environment where I felt equally at home and in awe. I am sure such depth of human experience and history has crept in to the record somehow.

Gary Farrelly, Neustern.

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