General elections have taken place in the autonomous coastal city state of Neustern. After 27 years dominating the political scene, The National Comrades Party (NCP) have lost their majority in parliment and will not form the next government. The NCP won just 38% of the popular vote, their worst result since the foundation of the state in 1983. Due to the expanding population: the total number of seats in Neustern's parliment was increased for this election from 117 to 200. The NCP's 38% translates into 72 of these seats. Massive gains for the Libertarian Party of Neustern (LPN). The newly formed LPN polled 58%, giving them 116 seats and a stunning overall majority. The LPN fought the election on a four principal platform: personal freedom, property rights, small government and a defencive foreign policy. Other parties fared as follows: Workers Party (WP) 2%/4 seats. Conservative Party (CP) 1%/2 seats. Liberal Party of Neustern incorperating the Gay, Lesbian, Feminist and Liberal Alliance (NPNGLFLA) >1%/2 seats. The Libertarian Party are expected to form a government within the next 24 hours.

Aswell as the election, Neusterners voted on in a very important referendum today. Citizens were asked if the Supreme Controller should remain head of state and guardian of the peace indefinately. The role of Supreme Controller was created as a position for life in 1983. The office marginally exceeds the authority of the elected government when it comes to the dispensation of power. The current Supreme Controller, (who's name before assuming the title has passed out of national memory) is the founder and leader of the National Comrades Party. The referendum was passed by a 99.8% majority.

Gary Farrelly, Neustern.

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